2024-2025 Admission Application Form

! You can now apply to College of Nursing Sciences here !

Instructions (Starters should please read to the end)
  1. Before you apply, make sure your O'level results, passport photograph and other qualifications are at your disposal
  2. Enter your Registration number and click on the Search Data buton to continue
  3. Fill in the information required and click on Generate Invoice to generate a payment invoice
  4. You can click on the payment link in the invoice and pay online with your ATM card or through USSD
  5. After paying online, you will be redirected to the Electronic Application Form
  6. If you have already generated invoice you can reprint the generated invoice
  7. If you have made payment, you will be able to fill the Application form
  8. If the form have been filled, you can reprint invoice and or Acknowledgement slip
  9. After printing the Application form, you can then take it to the school for further processing